For some reason, two of the posts I made today went to "scheduled" with the time that I hit publish as the scheduled time. The first time, I took the post back into edit a couple of times and hit publish again, but all that did was reset the scheduled to the new time, so I just set it for a minute in the past.

The more recent time, I just let it go and after a minute or two the scheduled time reset to "just now" and then it published the post.


Now I'm going to see what happens with this one, which I'm posting to my personal blog and after it posts, I'll update it with the info. Give me a minute and we'll see if it takes.

It may have gone to "just now" quicker, if it ever displayed the time, but there was still probably a one minute delay while it was "scheduled". Is that what we should now expect? Are posts going into a queue?



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