I'm posting this to my personal Kinja and not a community because the issue is just technical, but I thought it worthy of a heads-up. Of course I'm not looking at the code and it may not be easy to fix, but it is something.

If you click anything which requires a login before the avatar-holder loads, which indicates that Kinja recognizes them as a registered and logged-in user, you're presented with the login-chooser. Now, I believe at one time the chooser may have automatically went away when the avatar-holder loaded, but that's no longer the case and now the user must either know that they can just close the pop-up or I'm sure a lot will just go back through the login.


Again, I'm not looking at the code, but it looks like the check to see whether someone is logged-in is loading after a lot of other stuff and if I might suggest, maybe that could be checked earlier, even if the avatar-holder (the head) doesn't lay out until later.

Just a thought, but there are a couple of seconds there, where you're in limboland and a too quick click on recommend, share or reply will unnecessarily bring-up the account-selector/login-chooser that wouldn't occur, if the user waits.


Keep up the good work.

ETA: Maybe it's just today, but now I'm noticing that if you hit "compose" before the avatar-holder (head) loads, you're given what looks to be the mobile editor. Now that may be because I don't have the beta for the new editor set right this minute or maybe it's just a fluke, but it has happened twice within the past hour and I thought you should know.

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