I'm putting this on my own Kinja as a heads-up to Tech, but last night I tried to embed a Brightcove player from this link into a post for Crosstalk. The Brightcove player wasn't embeddable before, but I like playing with embeds to see what works, so I tried again.


I believe the first time that I tried on this post, the player didn't initially display, but then I tried again to make certain that I had pasted right and it worked, so I hit publish on the post.

Then, I noticed that the video didn't thumbnail on the Crosstalk index page, so I opened the post and the player was there, but even when I went back, the index page thumbnail did not display. (The spot where the thumbnail should have been was white and when I passed my mouse over the blank spot, a play arrow would sometimes flicker into view.)


This prompted me to find an image which I could put before the video and when I inserted the new image, the video player disappeared and no matter how many times I tried to reinsert it or whether I tried in WYSIWG or HTML, it wouldn't come back.

I thought it was an interesting enough reaction, somebody might want to know.


PS) Just for fun, I've embedded it here and right now (using the wizard), the player displays on this page, but it doesn't show in the thumbnail spot on the index of my blog.


Keep up the good work

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