You've brought this up a few times, so if I may... the "experiment" was that I had been reluctant to share a post critical of a Recruit who had rose from the commenter ranks. I had shared numerous other posts critical of paid bloggers and Gawker Media including some from Clashtalk, plus I have written several myself,… » 4/11/15 12:41am 4/11/15 12:41am

Any tips on how to incorporate Jez/GT into RSS feed?

Due to several recent articles that really prove the mainpage isn't always a safe place to wander around, I'm trying to set up an RSS feed so I can see what my favourite authors write (BURT!) while not being tempted to click on the other stuff. Sometimes it is so tempting, particularly when the commenters are actually… » 1/20/14 12:20am 1/20/14 12:20am

The more appropriate question seems to be why it was reported in the first place. One could argue that if a waiter wrote a slur on a receipt, people could complain and boycott until they were fired, but if her story had been true and if a customer had been offensive, what were other people supposed to do about it? » 12/08/13 4:26pm 12/08/13 4:26pm

I've never used them and can't really endorse it, but there has been at least one company selling celebrity voices for GPS units for a few years. It doesn't look like their offerings have expanded much since I first heard of them and unfortunately they don't have Hiddleston, but they do offer Burt Reynolds and Mr T. » 12/04/13 3:24pm 12/04/13 3:24pm

While there's certainly nothing wrong with giving people a place to vent about having to work on Thanksgiving, I trust either Lacey or Taylor will be blogging on Gawker; Rebecca or Doug will be posting to Jezebel; Maybe Eric will be on Gizmodo and Laura at io9? » 11/27/13 10:25pm 11/27/13 10:25pm

It has taken me a minute to reply because I wanted to test. At some point in the past, I believe a pointer remained to a shared post that had been deleted, but my experiments show that has been fixed. If you delete a post that gets shared, the share will disappear and the same is true if the share has been re-topped. » 11/27/13 10:25pm 11/27/13 10:25pm

Apologies if I'm overlooking a link, but there was an excellent profile of Coy Mathis, the little girl at the center of the Colorado transgender ruling along with her family's experiences in a recent Rolling Stone, available online. It's well worth the read. » 11/27/13 10:24pm 11/27/13 10:24pm

My understanding is that the sidebar on our personal Kinjas will show the posts from others that we've recommended, but my experiments regarding Crosstalk indicates that the sidebar is showing posts which someone is currently viewing. » 10/24/13 8:31pm 10/24/13 8:31pm