You've brought this up a few times, so if I may... the "experiment" was that I had been reluctant to share a post critical of a Recruit who had rose from the commenter ranks. I had shared numerous other posts critical of paid bloggers and Gawker Media including some from Clashtalk, plus I have written several myself,… »4/11/15 12:41am4/11/15 12:41am

Any tips on how to incorporate Jez/GT into RSS feed?

Due to several recent articles that really prove the mainpage isn't always a safe place to wander around, I'm trying to set up an RSS feed so I can see what my favourite authors write (BURT!) while not being tempted to click on the other stuff. Sometimes it is so tempting, particularly when the commenters are actually… »1/20/14 12:20am1/20/14 12:20am

The more appropriate question seems to be why it was reported in the first place. One could argue that if a waiter wrote a slur on a receipt, people could complain and boycott until they were fired, but if her story had been true and if a customer had been offensive, what were other people supposed to do about it? »12/08/13 4:26pm12/08/13 4:26pm

I've never used them and can't really endorse it, but there has been at least one company selling celebrity voices for GPS units for a few years. It doesn't look like their offerings have expanded much since I first heard of them and unfortunately they don't have Hiddleston, but they do offer Burt Reynolds and Mr T. »12/04/13 3:24pm12/04/13 3:24pm

While there's certainly nothing wrong with giving people a place to vent about having to work on Thanksgiving, I trust either Lacey or Taylor will be blogging on Gawker; Rebecca or Doug will be posting to Jezebel; Maybe Eric will be on Gizmodo and Laura at io9? »11/27/13 10:25pm11/27/13 10:25pm

It has taken me a minute to reply because I wanted to test. At some point in the past, I believe a pointer remained to a shared post that had been deleted, but my experiments show that has been fixed. If you delete a post that gets shared, the share will disappear and the same is true if the share has been re-topped. »11/27/13 10:25pm11/27/13 10:25pm

Apologies if I'm overlooking a link, but there was an excellent profile of Coy Mathis, the little girl at the center of the Colorado transgender ruling along with her family's experiences in a recent Rolling Stone, available online. It's well worth the read. »11/27/13 10:24pm11/27/13 10:24pm